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The Beatles Teaching Pack

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Find this information about The Beatles. All the information is on this website

You have fifteen minutes.

1. Which city do The Beatles come from?
2. What was the name of John Lennon's first group?
3. Where did
John Lennon meet Paul McCartney?
4. Which
German city did The Beatles play in?
5. Who was Julia?
6. Name six people on the cover of
Sergeant Pepper?
7. Who was
Pete Best?
8. Who was the last Beatle to join the group
9. Which Beatles album was named after a street?
10. What colour was The Beatles' submarine?

Quiz (easy) Quiz (hard)* Matching Activity * Yellow Submarine (cloze) * Penny Lane (cloze) * In My Life (cloze)

1. Liverpool 2. The Quarrymen 3. Woolaton Summer Fete
4. Brian Epstein 5. John Lennon's mother

6. Name six people on the cover of album Sergeant Pepper?
The Beatles, Marilyn Munroe, Buster Keaton, President Kennedy & many more - full list here
Drummer with The Beatles until 1962
Ringo Starr 9. Abbey Road 10. Yellow
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Wonderful materials for English language learners!! Ms Fann, ESL teacher, Nashville, USA