The Beatles: Writing

CEF level: B1
You are John Lennon at 12 years old. Your teacher asks you to write about your family. Describe:
  • your father
    - the aunt and uncle you live with
    - your half-sister
Imagine you are Paul McCartney. You have just met John Lennon for the first time at the Woolton Garden Fete.

Write your diary entry for that day. Use your imagination to invent anything you don't know. You could mention:
  • The Quarry Men and the music they played
  • John Lennon on stage - his singing and guitar playing
  • John's character (listen here for some suggestions)
  • The invitation to join the group
Work in groups of five. You immigration officers in Hamburg in 1960. You suspect that The Beatles do not have the correct papers to live and work in Germany.

You have the
Hamburg photo (above) and other information you will find on this site and through other research. Information on Pete and Stuart is here

Each member of the group writes a
short police report on one of five The Beatles at that time: (John, Paul, George, Stuart, Pete).

Invent any details you don't know but remember that you don't know the future!

You could use these headings:
Name/Age/Home City/Appearance/Personality/Health/Strengths/Weaknesses
You are Brian Epstein in 1962. You are looking for a record contract for The Beatles.

Write to a record company and 'sell' the group. Write about:
  • What each member of the group contributes e.g George Harrison is a great guitarist ...
  • The Beatles sound - what makes it different?
  • Why The Beatles will be a success.

Speaking Activities

How much do you know about The Beatles? Try this quiz and this date matching exercise.