Beatles: Roleplay


Your chance to be a Beatle! Read the related pages about the early history of The Beatles before starting. CEF level: B2/C1

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Possible roles: John, Paul, George, Pete Best: the rest of the class can be immigration officers

1. Work in groups of five. You are immigration officers in Hamburg in 1960. You suspect that The Beatles do not have the correct papers to live and work in Germany.

Interview the band members, using the reports you wrote here. You have to decide whether to deport them!
You are Brian Epstein in 1962. You are looking for a record contract for The Beatles.

Give a presentation to a record company in which you sell the group. You can include information from this writing activity or make notes under these headings
  • What each member of the group contributes e.g George Harrison is a great guitarist ...
  • The Beatles sound - what makes it different?
  • Why you think The Beatles will be a success.
It's 1962. The Beatles are about to become famous but John, George and Paul are not happy with their drummer, Pete Best.

They approach Brian Epstein and ask him to replace
Pete with Ringo Starr. George Martin is also unhappy with Pete's drumming.

Brian reluctantly tells Pete. Pete then goes to ask the others why they are sacking him.

Possible roles: John, Paul, George, Ringo, Pete Best, Pete's mum, George Martin, Brian Epstein.
A television crew has come to Abbey Road to interview The Beatles just before they break up. Role play the scene in groups:

Possible roles: John, Paul, George, Ringo, George Martin, Linda McCartney, Yoko Ono, TV interviewer, cameraman/woman.