CEF level: B2
Your quest is to tell the story of The Beatles
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In this webquest you investigate the life and work of The Beatles. You will work in a group with other students or alone.

At the end of the quest you will make a presentation. You choose the form of the presentation but it must contain at least three of the following:
reading, writing, speaking, listening. It must also involve all the members of your group and the rest of the class.
Complete activities in this order.
  1. Beginners Quiz
  2. Writing
  3. Speaking
  4. Listening
  5. Quiz
  6. Match the dates with the events
Collect useful information for your presentation as you complete the activities.
This project requires the use of all four English language learning skills: reading, writing, speaking & listening

Encourage the use of a wide variety of sources & materials

You make a powerpoint presentation (writing/speaking/reading), with each member of the group covering at least one slide (writing/speaking). Your presentation includes audio clips of songs and interviews (listening) and handouts (reading/writing).